Date Lab Rat: Don’t Call it a Comeback

In our new recurring feature Date Lab Rat, Anna Bank (editor-in-chief, hopeless romantic) bravely experiments on herself with each week’s installment of the Washington Post’s Date Lab, where the Post tries to fix up applicants using a secret formula known only to journalists. This week’s installment comes a week late because of problems isolating the case study.

After a recent run of failed fix-ups, Date Lab decided to introduce a new gimmick this week, hoping for a better match or at least some humor value. The trick–having a monkey select the two daters instead of using the Post‘s “expert” matchmaking team – was just plain dumb, and given the pair’s similar questionnaire answers (they’re both company project managers and say that there’s either a 99 or 100% chance that they’ll talk to stranger in a bar, although maybe all Date Lab contestants say that), I’m guessing this primate wasn’t given many potential daters to choose from.

Stupid monkey tricks aside, though, this is a pretty high quality edition of Date Lab, and a good intro if you’re new to the feature. Both daters are attracted to one another, which is always fun to read (DL connoisseurs know that the most cringe-worthy sensation is reading a match where one person’s feeling it and the other completely isn’t.) The girl manages to pull off a semi-slick venue change by asking if he wants to go somewhere to watch a basketball game, and the night ends with kisses and text-message follow-up.

Rating, using the DL 1-5: 4. 1 point docked for the gimmick, but as goes Date Lab, so goes my week, and I love when things work out.

Chances of Success: 4. He’s already scraping off expired parking stickers so she won’t get a ticket, completely skipping over the infatuation phase and into domesticity, which makes is seem like this could last for a while. But they both claim to be more sarcastic than they let on during the date, and it’ll be interesting to see what happens when the claws come out.

Photo from Flickr user Little Brown Monkey

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