Date Lab Rat: I have enough friends, thank you

In Date Lab Rat, Anna Bank (editor-in-chief, hopeless romantic) bravely experiments on herself with each week’s installment of the Washington Post’s Date Lab, where the Post tries–and often fails–to fix up applicants.

After high highs and low lows over the last two weeks, this week brings us a much more typical edition of Date Lab: two basically normal people hang out for the night and have a fine time, but neither one really sees it going any further.

It’s a pretty ho-hum read, although the guy has a couple of good lines. (Asked to describe his dream date, he says “She thinks the way I hold my fork is cute.”) He probably would have been a lot more fun to read about if he had been paired with a funnier girl, rather than someone who drops lines like, “He had taken a wine class at the French Embassy — he really enjoys learning, and, as a teacher, I thought that was great.” I’m sure we can all agree that liking learning is a plus regardless of what your day job is, but who says things like that?

They both give the date a 4, saying that they had a great time but didn’t feel any “romantic connection” (her words) or “butterflies in the stomach” (his). He asks for her number anyway, but she can tell it’s a half-hearted offer, and he later decides not to call.

Rating: 2. Even if the daters get along better as potential friends than boyfriend and girlfriend, they can at least have something interesting to say, and this pair could barely hold my attention for the time it took me to read the questionnaires and interviews.

Chances of Success: 2. If he gets lonely/drunk in the next few weeks, I’m guessing he wouldn’t be above texting her. But they both seem to be working on other prospects, so I don’t really see this going any further.

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