Virginia: 21, Georgetown: 0

Metro announced plans this week to add a Yellow/Blue Line stop in Alexandria, between the existing National Airport and Braddock Road stations. The new stop, called Potomac Yard, would bring Virginia’s total number of stations to 21 on the Orange, Blue, and Yellow Lines.

What does this mean for Georgetown students? Not too much, really. But the $150 million price tag, along with all the administrative hoop-jumping that the Alexandria station will surely generate, makes it even less likely that Georgetown will see a stop anytime this century.

4 Comments on “Virginia: 21, Georgetown: 0

  1. Wah, wah, wah. We’re Hoyas – don’t you realize how special we are!

    You compare Georgetown to all of Northern Virginia as as basis for demanding a Metro stop? Talk about delusions of grandeur!

    Potomac Yard station will be built on a pre-existing line.

    What pre-existing line runs anywhere near your campus?

  2. Orange/Blue. Anna, a Georgetown stop is included in Metro’s expansion plans announced earlier this year.

  3. Yo, I don’t think the message was that Georgetown should have a Metro stop INSTEAD of all of NoVa. I think it’s that as long as WMATA is putting a 21st stop in NoVa, it should probably think seriously about putting just one in one of the most recognizable neighborhoods in the city, and near one of its most prominent universities.

    I’d say this has relatively little to do with “entitled Hoyas”–free buses give Gtown students ways out. It’s the problems people have getting in that are galling.

  4. If anything, I think Hoyas feel “entitled” to bus rides that aren’t total crap shoots.

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