Date Lab Rat: People don’t get less awkward after college

Once in a while, Date Lab takes a spin with the AARP crowd, and this week is one of those times. While it’s a little strange to analyze the romantic outlook for people my parent’s age, that won’t stop me from trying.

She’s an architectural history professor, and he’s an art history professor. I got winded counting how many times the words “brainy” and “intellectual” appeared in the questionnaires and interviews.

The guy seems humbler than the girl, whose boasting about her 27-page CV and not watching TV reveals her Ivier-than-thou academic insecurity. I mean, my dad’s a professor too, but that doesn’t stop him from watching Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

Their dinner sounds more like an uncomfortable interview to be an art museum docent than an actual date. Things look up at the end when he walks her back to the Metro afterwards and she offers to show him around some town whose historical society she works for. But they don’t even shake hands, much less let nature takes its course on a pile of Architecture Week.

The cherry on top of this awkward sundae? She emails him post-date to apologize if he thought she dissed him in the interviews. Seriously?

Rating: 2. For people who claim to be so cerebral and interesting, these two don’t really put their mouths where their degrees are, and their comments aren’t distinguished by misplaced hopes for a relationship or notable cruelty.

Chances of Success: 1. “Swamped” is academese for “too busy leading historical walking tours to call someone I don’t actually want to date.”

One Comment on “Date Lab Rat: People don’t get less awkward after college

  1. The lady was French, what else can you expect. Also, they both said they were too busy to date….what the hell is the point of putting yourself through the Date Lab process then???

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