Marion Barry: still rude, in case you were wondering

Is anyone surprised that former mayor Marion Barry boxed in a car before going to a radio interview? The mayor-for-life has obviously softened in his old age, since thoughtless parking is only the post-lunch nap to his feast of kleptocracy and mismanagement. His constituents in Anacostia continue to love him, though.

Anyone interested in Barry’s rollercoaster rise and fall and rise, and the ride DC took with him, should read Dream City. Lauinger Library has a copy.

5 Comments on “Marion Barry: still rude, in case you were wondering

  1. let’s wait until the elections to see if people in Anacostia still love him. There are LOTS of us that very much want to see him out of office.

  2. Clearly he was set up!! :)

    I heard a story years ago that on cold nights he’d open city hall to the homeless when the shelters were full. Don’t know if it’s true but it’s nice to think it is.

  3. Maybe, lacochran. That’d be a nice thing to do. But the larger things he did that hurt the city’s poor, like allowing Ivanhoe Donaldson to blow money on a slush fund that could’ve been spent instead on city services, negate petty things like opening city hall.

    DG-Rad, I know you’re salivating at the idea of Barry being booted out of office. Who’s your candidate of choice?

  4. Right now I am really liking Yavocka Young, current president of Main Street Anacostia. I am also digging Charles Wilson for his dedication at the Historic Anacostia Block Association.

    Yes, completely salivating, but also have no idea what will happen in September.

  5. Won’t the number of candidates split up the anti-Barry vote?

    I could look this up, but I’m trying to avoid digging through the Post’s awful site.

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