Date Lab Rat: Absolutely (maybe)

DL scores a minor league success with this week’s match-up, which is a much better result than our daters’ questionnaires suggested.

In the questionnaire, he manages to come across as cocky and prudish at the same time–when asked to describe his dating life as a TV show, he says that he’s “gone on many dates with boring, stupid girls whom I’ve hated.” As for “ways he’s DC,” he says that he’s “conservative (no fooling around on first dates).” How is that DC? Unless his DC is DamasCus, obviously.

The girl, on the other hand, says that her TV series would play out like Carrie and Big on Sex and the City – and everyone knows you can’t trust a girl who thinks she’s a Carrie.

But apparently the DL team knows something I don’t, because this date seems to have worked out pretty well. It doesn’t hurt that the daters both think the other person is hot (“I wasn’t expecting someone so handsome,” “She was really pretty”), and the attraction coupled with an evening’s worth of sarcastic banter is enough to carry over to post-dinner drinks and and her inviting him to a party the next weekend.

Both daters rate the night a 5, which is a serious rarity. At 23 and 24, though, these two are clearly recent grads, and maybe they’re just used to rampant grade inflation.

Rating: 4. A date that works out is always a solid read, but these interviews were pretty heavy on the adjectives and light on the anecdotes. 0.5 docked for the lack of stories and another 0.5 docked for how fast their negging wears thin.

Chances of Success: 3. She’s clearly more into it than he is ( she describes him as “really awesome and cool, and really hot and a nice guy”), and he skips the party she invited him to.

Still, his suggestion that they hang out again sounded sincere, so I think there’s a chance this could turn into something more.

Flickr photo from user Stacina used under a Creative Commons license

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