Jack Evans, get out of here. Your website is awful.

Look at it. Councilman Jack Evans’s Ward 2 (which includes Georgetown) re-election website is so bad, the many things wrong with it can only be understood with a list:

  • Red text over a glowing blue background, all inconsistently capitalized
  • An unreadable volunteer page 
  • A nonexistent list of issues
  • The finest “I Back Jack” slogan WordArt provides
  • “Make our neighborhoods More Safe

It’s so bad I wouldn’t be surprised to find out someone put it up to embarrass Evans. Campaign treasurer Dennis Bass should be suitably punished.

Meanwhile, opponent Cary Silverman’s website has a soothing green background and a regularly-updated blog.

“See you guys later!

Flickr photo from Fashionfightspovertydc used under a Creative Commons license

Update: An elected official has agreed (off the record) with this post’s sentiments. The movement to save Jack Evans from internet Jack Evans is gaining momentum.

15 Comments on “Jack Evans, get out of here. Your website is awful.

  1. On the plus side, they’ve captured Jack in an enthralling mid-clap action shot on the front page of the website. And as I gather from all the pictures on the wedsite, Jack has a penchant for striped power-ties. You’ve got to love a man with a concrete style aesthetic.

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  3. @Will: LOL

    Re: Jack’s site. That really is bad and he only has three issues? I guess there is only so much a part-time councilmember like Jack can do.

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  5. AND they did figure out how to use the centering function on the “About Jack” page (which you can only find by clicking on the picture on the front page-like a secret portal to another world). ‘Cause I often send my letters centered.

  6. The irony of the misuse of grammar is priceless. Here’s a man who wants to improve education in our city and he/his staff can’t get safe, safer, safest right? Definitely he’s the more better candidate…

  7. OMG! You are so right, and this website is so wrong!

    For a second, I thought “shoot with that incrediblby awful background, maybe he is hosting this on My Space.” Oh if it were only true. Really, one of the worst and most backward I have seen.

    On the other hand, he does respond to emails, even from outside of Ward2, so he’s not all bad.

  8. Maybe, Doc Think, but he has yet to reply to my email about this post.

    EZ, secret portal to another world is classic. Where else could this site come from?

    Sorry for all whose comments were delayed–I just realized our spam filter was gobbling them up.

  9. That blue and red together hurts my eyes.

    Ask Evans about his buddy Leroy Thorpe in Shaw. Just google Leroy Thorpe if you’ve never heard of that odious individual. He and Evans go way back, all the way back to 1991 when Jack first won his seat on the council. Thorpe delivered the anti-gay vote in Shaw to Evans.

    Last January, Evans went to speak at Thorpe’s East Central Civic Association (ECCA) in Shaw. Evans literally turned his back while Thorpe blocked the door to the church hosting the ECCA to keep me and a neighbor of mine from entering the church. Thorpe bullied the interim paster into having barring notices served on me and my neighbor.

    Evans is listed as a speaker at Thorpe’s annual block party tomorrow which will be at 5th and R NW from noon until 5PM tomorrow, Saturday June 28.

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