Date Lab Rat: Some fries with those mind games?

She’s a “fitness professional”; he’s looking for someone athletic. They’re both disheartened by the fact that as 30-somethings, everyone they want to date is taken. Best of all, they both have ridiculous favorite foods. (Mandarin oranges and California Pizza Kitchen; ice cream and lemonade.) Give the DL matchmakers credit for picking a pair that looks promising, if not interesting.

When it comes to the actual date, though, she’s totally overthinking it. She’s pissed when he doesn’t give her props for her outfit (“Normally when I wear that dress, men compliment me”), and one of her post-date quotes is, “I really wish I really liked him.” Nevertheless, they find common ground in their past failed romances, so at least they’ve got something to talk about.

Her tendency to overthink shines through again in her 3.9 rating–any gradation smaller than .5 is getting ridiculous. It’s a date, not nuclear fusion. She follows it up with the typical “This guy is great, but you can’t make that spark happen.” He gives the night a slightly more generous and significantly more normal 4.5, and keeps things positive by calling her “a wonderful girl.”

Rating: 2. There’s really nothing to read in these interviews; it’s all just weird overanalysis on her part and benign platitudes on his.

Chance of Success: 2. The weirdest part of this week’s match up is the total 180 the girl pulls in the post-date update from the DL crew: “A couple days later, Carolyn called Date Lab to say: ‘The more I think about it, the more great I think Van is…I’m definitely going to try to date him. Cross your fingers for us.'”

If she’s that upfront about her self-deception and lack of genuine emotion, he’s going to pick up on it and these two are going nowhere.

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