Feith of my fathers: Doug Feith blasts Georgetown, provost on talk radio

Listening to conservative talk radio came in handy today when I found newly-former Georgetown professor Doug Feith on the Dennis Prager Show. Apparently, Feith isn’t too happy that his contract wasn’t renewed, and he doesn’t care who knows it.

The real fun came, though, when Feith talked about a talk he had with Provost James O’Donnell around the end of his time at Georgetown. Feith told O’Donnell that he thought discussion about his renewal should consider that he was the only faculty member with his viewpoints (i.e., armed intervention in the Middle East).

Rather than mentioning this guy, or that applying Feith’s recruiting theories would mean hiring a Pastafarian to teach theology, O’Donnell instead said, “I always consider it peculiar when conservatives talk about diversity of thought.” That provost is outspoken!

Much radio harumphing ensued, including host Dennis Prager wishing he had bought an ad in The Hoya for a petition supporting Feith.

Speaking of petitions, Feith complained that New York Times never reported on a counter-petition students circulated arguing for his renewal. Considering that the petition’s signatories included such doubtlessly genuine people as Feith & Crimes Against Humanity, Fire Feith Fast (3 times), and Moqtada Al-Sadr (Hawsa wa Qum ’11), it was probably too hot a potato for the Gray Lady to handle.

Update: Provost O’Donnell says “no comment” via email. Fee Feith fo fum.

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