It’s not Hoya Paranoia if someone’s out to get you

R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. is out to prove that gossip and personal attacks on classmates don’t have to end upon graduation. A Georgetown alum and the founder of the conservative publication The American Spectator, he’s distilled his disgust for Bill Clinton into a new book, The Clinton Crackup.

In the book, Tyrrell makes it clear that, unlike the College Democrats, he is not Bill’s homeboy.

This isn’t a new revelation: He’s already made something of a successful career of digging up dirt on Bubba. In 1994, the New York Times Magazine called him “a man obsessed” with the Clintons.

Today, Tyrrell shoots up again to stave off Clinton jonesin’. The article is an amusing reminiscence back to Bill and Bob’s days at Georgetown. Tyrell says Clinton was a fat schmoozer in school with girl problems (a classic case of eating his feelings). Tyrrell also calls Clinton’s claims of poverty grossly overstated.

Score one for Jesuit ideals.

3 Comments on “It’s not Hoya Paranoia if someone’s out to get you

  1. It might be that my firewall’s too restrictive, but when I try to visit the website, Google says the website may harm my computer. My computer and my country!

  2. Though if your computer does let you go through to the website, there is an adorable picture of Bill and Bob together.

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