Hoya blogs, sails through Olympic sea gunk

If you’re looking for a reason to watch the Summer Olympics, here’s one: former Georgetown Sailing Team captain Andrew Campbell (SFS ’06) is on the US Olympic Sailing Team.

“It’s really not going to hit me that I’ve made it until we walk into that stadium on August 8th,” Campbell wrote in an e-mail.

Ranked 15th in the world in his class, the San Diego native has just returned from Beijing, where he practiced for the 2008 Summer Olympics with the seventeen other members of the US Olympic Sailing team. Equally impressive, he managed to keep up with his blog.

Some of his blog posts will appeal only to sailing aficionados, others provide charming personal experiences with the Yellow Sea sludge.

“It’s our own personal version of the sci-fi movie: the Blobs!!!” Campbell wrote about the bulbous algae blooms currently choking the Olympics sailing site.

Someone gives it 110%, after the jump

Campbell was a highly successful sailor during his Georgetown sailing years, earning eight national and international titles while a Hoya. He’s earned another nine titles since graduating.

According to GUST coach Michael Callahan, Campbell was told by Olympic coaches at the start of his college sailing career that competing with Georgetown would have a negative impact on his Olympic goals. With no small amount of pride, Callahan said that Campbell would have none of it.

“He could have just concentrated on the Olympics instead he poured heart and soul into the team and led the team to a National Championship in 2006,” Callahan said. “It sounds cliched but he really gave 110% at every practice.”

Speaking of cliches, come August I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for Campbell.

Picture from US Sailing Team

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