Diamonds dahling!

It’s Friday, and I’m feeling a whole lot better about the future than I was yesterday. Work-mandated happy hour is in three hours (and counting!), but mojitos and Merlot are not my only motivators. Instead, my heart is cheered by the tale of Kara Ross (COL ’88), whose jewelry is featured in this month’s Elle UK.

Ross took her love for shiny things to a level most women only dream of–she got a degree in glitz…or gemology, to use the official term. Her stuff is actually pretty cool, even if Elle chose to feature some some rather bizarre handcuffy, nautical-themed bracelets.

In case you want to date Kara, according to her bio she likes “relaxed elegance, high quality and good manners.” Large gems, too. Go get ‘er boys; she sounds real low-maintenance.

Photo from Kara Ross

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