The moans of a freshman, caught on Youtube

A Georgetown freshman moves into Village C, and discovers a heavy closet and a dim bathroom light. He does what anyone would do: make a Youtube video complaining about it, without any of that pesky “perspective” that has hindered past Youtubers:

“Flicker flicker flicker flicker!”

Dare we hope for a Georgetown video blog star? There’s surely more to come from this fellow, who’s previously created Tila Tequila reviews. New videos will be nasty, too, because as his Youtube account says: “I didn’t get this thin and pretty being nice.”

3 Comments on “The moans of a freshman, caught on Youtube

  1. I saw this guy at the RHO last weekend when he was having trouble getting a room. I don’t think he’s a student, he’s just working at a camp on campus. Thankfully.

  2. Are you serious, Jack? That’s heartbreaking for me–I wanted a volatile Youtuber of our very own.

  3. Yep. Further, excruciating-to-watch evidence, along with additional information about his Scrabble exploits:

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