US News Facebook app doesn’t make the grade

Facebook may be the time capsule of every embarrassing episode in our collegiate careers, but lately everyone’s favorite social networking site wants to show that it can do more than just party. Enter Gradzilla, an application created by US News (that magazine that exists only to generate mass hysteria by telling you that your college isn’t good enough.)

Gradzilla is basically a repackaging of all the panic-producing stats available on the US News site, combined with the irritating polls and quizzes that are the bread and butter of Facebook applications. Could it get any less appealing?

Unsurprisingly, Gradzilla has only 38 daily active users. (Bumper Sticker has 1,587,845 and Scrabulous has 518,261.) Nice try, US News. You can always retake.

One Comment on “US News Facebook app doesn’t make the grade

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