Lawyer poetry. Not as bad as you’d think it would be.

Poets. They lurk in the funniest places…and not just behind the dumpsters of your local library scavenging for food. A lot of them are actually highly productive members of society. And then there are the ones that are lawyers.

But seriously, I was under the impression that Zadie Smith’s hot hubbie Nick Laird was the only angsty attorney-turned-troubadour out there, but apparently one lurks here in our own backyard.

R.J. McCaffery is a 2007 graduate of the Law Center (the secrets of which are unlocked here) and writes about legal issues, bad days and cycling on his unexpectedly intriguing blog. He also posts his poetry (which is actually good), proving perhaps that there is hope for your soul after law school?

Or perhaps all we have to look forward to is this:

“So now it’s just me, a glass of red wine, Tylenol, the Red Sox on the radio, palmer’s lotion, a raging appetite, and another week without trials.”

Actually, that sounds pretty good. Minus the Sox. And the whole going to law school thing. Pen on R.J.

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