Date Lab Rat: Intraracial Strife

Two cute, Asian, athletic 25 year-olds meet for dinner at Morton’s. Things could get sexy fast, but when they first spot each other in the restaurant, she says he’s hot “for an Asian guy”. After the initial impressions, the date itself goes fine, though the follow-up fizzles because he’s ditching town for grad school next month. Not the hoped for sexiness, but no harm done, right?

Not so fast. Commenters at the Post went nuts over the to-date-or-not-to-date-an-Asian situation. Some reamed the Daters out for their preconceived biases:

“For an Asian guy”??? That was simply foul – perhaps one of the most demeaning things I’ve read in Date Lab (and I’ve read every single one).

While others took on dating biases Freud-style:

They seem like two really nice people. However, I just don’t understand the phenomena [sic] of Asians being attracted to other races. Is it a self-loathing thing?

Or took the all-out inappropriate slur-dropping tack:

I think we got two twinkies in a pack!

The debacle raises an interesting question about whether or not the matchmakers should take fundamental differences like ethnicity, race, or religion into consideration in setting up these dates.

It would be overly PC, not to mention naive, for the DL team to pretend that ethnicity doesn’t play any role in who people choose to date. But it’s just as dumb to assume that two people will hit it off just because they have that in common and not much else, and these two didn’t seem like that promising a pair. I mean, he likes City of God and she likes Pirates of the Caribbean.

Rating: 1. The whole drama just made this white girl kind of uncomfortable.

Chances of Success: 0. If he was sticking around DC, they might have had a chance, but as it stands now, no way.

One Comment on “Date Lab Rat: Intraracial Strife

  1. I read that and felt really pissed off that she would say something like that. She just insulted her father, uncles–all the males in her family.

    Moreover, it was sad enough that the two of them can’t seem to get past the notion there’s nothing wrong with dating within your own race.

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