Georgetown’s own Mark Zuckerberg?

Time to bust out your “Peers Who Are Already More Successful Than I Ever Will Be” list and add the name Catherine Cook (MSB ’11). She hasn’t even started her sophomore year yet, but Forbes is writing about her and the website she and her two brothers run, MyYearbook.

I’d never heard of it, but apparently it’s pretty big (Compete shows almost 3.5 million hits this month). A quick visit shows that MyYearbook offers tacky graphics, inane quizzes (“What Kind Of Sex Should You Have?“), salacious stories, and the creepy opportunity to “own” other members.

Like Forbes, I think the site’s a little immature. Then again, I’m not the president of a site worth millions.

Naturally, Catherine’s got a MyYearbook profile, complete with annoying twinkling background and more than 50,000 friends. Interestingly, she also has a Facebook. I’m not sure what the guidelines are for social network wunderkinds, but this seems a little strange to me. Maybe she’s just monitoring the competition, though.

You shouldn’t get too depressed, though. Social networking blog Mashable says Catherine’s role in MyYearbook is wildly overblown:

A source who spoke to Catherine recently told Mashable that it’s more of a PR pitch: Catherine is a 4.0 honors student with little free time in between extra-curricular activities, he says, and knows little about the running of the site when questioned. While the teen angle is a great way to promote the site, the force behind it is older brother Geoff, almost 30, who learned that age is a good selling point while garnering press coverage for a startup in his freshman years. Now too old to play that card, his younger siblings have been thrust in front of the cameras, says our source.

Hmm! Between that and the site’s code (outsourced to Mumbai), how much has Catherine actually done for the site, besides be interviewed?

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