The Heckler’s fight for relevance

The Heckler, our inconsistently-published humor magazine, are good people. Their new student guide made the University mad, they blog more regularly than the Hoya, and they have a picture of a priest with a popped collar. Overall, I’d say the Heckler is a publication worth knowing about.

Wikipedia, however, disagrees. The Heckler’s Wikipedia entry has been tagged as possibly not notable since February, as have the pages for two former editors. Won’t some respected publication write about The Heckler and save it from this ignominy? The Post could reduce its “Teen can’t afford Chipotle twice a week” coverage to make room.

2 Comments on “The Heckler’s fight for relevance

  1. Thanks for the write-up, Will. Apparently someone at Cracked Magazine put those articles up because they wanted to make their editors seem more important, but it took awhile for Wikipedia to find out they’re pretty irrelevant. If someone would like to fix the article or write us up in a non-college newspaper that would be great, but I kind of like the idea that Wikipedia devotes a whole page to how un-noteworthy The Heckler is.

  2. How could Cracked magazine possibly be more important? Where else am I going to find out about “6 things I hate about the new Miley Cyrus song”?

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