Date Lab Rat: Car nookie

If love really is a battlefield, then the guy in this week’s Date Lab went thermonuclear in his questionnaire. He manages to be both funny and insightful, saying that the TV show of his dating life would be “like “Temptation Island” but without the dignity and restraint.”

Meanwhile, she lists Pilates as one of her desert island DVDs and thinks that one of her brag-worthy traits is that “she can provide you with the Democratic agenda without even looking at talking points.” Aside from not being that unusual in DC, is that really the best she can do?

She must be better in person, or he must be considerably worse, because the date is a hit. Dinner goes well, and they end up chilling by the Capitol fountain, and maybe more, as the Post is all too eager to point out with the article’s subhead (“Is it a euphemism when he says they ‘hung out’ in her car?”)

This is irritating because:

  • Duh, it is
  • They’re on a date! There’s nothing wrong with that, and I’m not sure why the DL team is being so middle school about it
  • They totally gave away the ending

Rating: 3. This is a solid DL, but not spectacular. The dude wasn’t nearly as funny in the interviews as he was in the questionnaire, and she’s a bore, but everyone needs someone.

Chances of Success: 4. The follow-up at the end of the article says they went on a second date, but the real proof? He’s already defending her on the Post‘s comment board.

2 Comments on “Date Lab Rat: Car nookie

  1. I suspect that they were “middle school” about it because for once they high-fiving around the office that a Date Lab actually might have worked.

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