GW screws up Gmail switch

Looks like GW’s big change from university-run mail to Gmail isn’t going to be entirely painless. Rather than keep the original address, GW has added @gwmail to the front. So now student emails are, which is an awful hassle to type.

Have they forgotten that brevity is the soul of wit and the friend of mailer daemons?

4 Comments on “GW screws up Gmail switch

  1. Yeah… not going to lie, it really sucks.

    Although it automatically forwards, they don’t give you any way of setting up an auto reply to let people know they got the old address… then things just die in six months. Gotta hand it to them on this one.

    They’re not even paying for the service, are they?

  2. This really sucks !!

    I hope they just change their minds and stay with colonial mail !! the google thing really sucks!

  3. Gmail sucks, GW Student? Hardly. Give it a chance and I’m sure you’ll change your mind.

    That’s really no good about no autoreply, Random GW Student.

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