The myth of the sexually active dorm

The story that a Cornell study ranked Darnall as one of the country’s most sexually-active dorms just won’t die. No such study exists, but the Voice fell for it (although that article might be in on the joke), and so did UCLA and a bad site about Georgetown. Even freshmen are passing it around. From the Georgetown 2012 Facebook group:

well i dont really know what you mean by sex jontz, but darnall was ranked the 19th most sexually active college dorm. “Darnall Hall was built in 1965 and ranked as the 19th most sexually active dorms in the country by a recent study conducted by Cornell University.

Emphasis mine. It’s not hard to understand why it persists–it assuages the students who, faced with a dorm so bad that water fountains fall from the wall on their own, at least have some play to look forward to.

The GW Hatchet has no time for your comfortable illusions, though. In 2006, prompted by a similar rumor about one of their own dorms, they contacted Cornell and found that there is no study:

Although the rumor is widespread and popular, there is nothing to back it up. People say a study that exists that confirmed “Thrustin'” Hall to be number two in a list of the most sexually active dorms in the country. In March, The Hatchet debunked the rumor by checking with Cornell University and Playboy magazine (the two supposed sources of the study).

With that out of the way, let’s start some new rumors. I have some suggestions that have a similar collision of neglected campus location and illicit activity:

  • DPS officers used to finish off confiscated kegs in the ruins of Darnall Cafeteria. With Epicurean & Co. moved in, they have relocated their Sunday night party to Old South.
  • The bike rack by the library steps, when flipped over, becomes a blackjack table.
  • Sanitation at Leo’s is so bad that fruit flies infested the building.

Let’s get some whisper campaigns going.
Flickr photo from user kwc used under a Creative Commons license

4 Comments on “The myth of the sexually active dorm

  1. Wow, as the student who perpetuated the claim that is quoted I apologize.

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