Date Lab Rat: Drama queen dishes it out but can’t take it

In this week’s Date Lab, she says: “I’ve also dated guys who haven’t been so nice, but I’m really good at making excuses for people.”

He says: “Quickly insecurity evolves into a web of mistrust and accusations.”

If the DL team was looking for an epic mind battle of tears and fears in this week’s edition, the duo’s questionnaire answers set them up for success. Despite the inauspicious beginning, though, they’re both attracted and things seem to be going well. She offers him her number, and they both rate the date a 4.

When he tries to follow up, though, she gives him a total brush-off when she meets someone else (not returning his calls, then explaining why in the Post interview.) For someone who accuses other people of not being nice, would it have killed her to send him a thanks-but-no-thanks text? Yeah, it’s a little uncomfortable, but man up.

Rating: 3. The daters are pretty generic and uninteresting, and rejection always sucks. The comments are pretty wild, though.

Chances of Success: 0. Once you’ve been turned down in a major newspaper, it’s pretty safe to say that’s the end.

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