Business building’s two-faced design

The unnamed MSB “New Building” is moving along more or less on schedule. Originally slated to open in Summer 2008, the biz school website now says early 2009; but maybe a six-to-eight month delay only seems tolerable when you’re used to waiting a few extra years.

Now that the fa├žade is near completion, the south side of the building looks elegant, with its grey stone and high arches. The glass on the east side will offer views of the new science center and what will someday be a sweet sledding hill.

Then, suddenly and inexplicably on the north side of the building, the material changes to brick and the Leavey style. Yeah, it’s probably an effort to “integrate” the new and old campus styles, but that isn’t usually as simple as splitting the building in half, making one side in the old style and one side in the new.

It looks like they started with stone on the left side, ran out of money, and settled for the cheaper brick for the rest. And maybe I’ve seen The Dark Knight way too many times this summer, but I can’t help but think of Two-Face whenever I walk by it.

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