Friday Night, Saturday Morning: Starting your party

Today, we’re going to try something new: Friday Night, Saturday Morning, where every week Shira Hecht brings you a new song for your weekend. They won’t all be party songs (although this one is)–they could be songs for pregames, songs for hangovers, and songs for Sunday afternoons when you realize you didn’t accomplish anything this weekend.

Estelle ft. Kanye West-American Boy

You’ve likely heard this one already – wafting out of the car next to you when the windows are down, playing out of someone’s boombox at a beach. Breezy and sweet, it’s purportedly about a cross-cultural romance, but it’s really about clothes.

Catchy but not irksome, infectious but still idiosyncratic, it’s one of those perfect summer jams that seem to crystallize the best parts of these long days. It’s for early in your party, before people are drunk and friendly enough to be really pounding the dance floor, but are happy to bob on their toes with a drink in their hands and a grin on their faces.

And what’s not to like about lines like “dressed smart like a London bloke/before he speak his suit bespoke/and you thought he was quote before/look at this pea coat tell me he’s broke,” or “the Pips with they Gladys.” Man, when I first heard this song, I spent like 2 days thinking about how clever that “speak/bespoke” thing is.

Flickr photo from user serhio used under a Creative Commons license

3 Comments on “Friday Night, Saturday Morning: Starting your party

  1. Like this well enough, but I wish I liked it more than I do because I’m pretty sure it’s the thinking person’s summer song. Sadly I’m more of a Katy Perry girl myself.

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