Why you can’t pimp your dorm anymore

The Post is just having too much fun with this recession.  First they were slyly spotlighting the adverse effect of high gas prices on the social lives of teenagers.  Now they’re gleefully chronicling the hardships of the upper-middle class and college-bound who, apparently, are learning to forsake aesthetics in favor of affordability when it comes to dorm decor.

Surprisingly, the kids in the article all come off as basically reasonable and grounded.  The most cringe-worthy quote is from an adult, Marshal Cohen, an analyst for a consumer behavior research firm, whose poor use of slang makes me question how well he really understands his key demographic:

“I don’t think it’s going to be about pimping up your room,” Cohen said.  “I think it’s about making sure the basic essentials are up to speed.”

The Post does the whole faux-sympathy thing (“the weak economy is cramping our national style”) all the while sniggering about how coddled the younger generation is (“dorm rooms … increasingly resembled urban lofts”), which just makes them seem condescending and disingenuous.

What’s most irritating about this type of article is the underlying assumption that all young people have over-inflated senses entitlement, as if we all believe that buying ridiculously overpriced dorm furnishings with mommy and daddy’s money is some kind of right of passage that we’re being cheated out of. But I think that for most college students, choosing not to buy a $29 trash can, for instance, isn’t some huge sacrifice, it’s just common sense – recession or not.

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