Georgetown degree pays for itself…in 20 years

Foreplay, dessert after dinner, and long presidential campaigns–in our society, good things come to those who wait. Business Week clarifies the old axiom–good things come to those who wait, but it helps to have an Ivy League degree. The piece compares the salaries of different schools’ top-earning alumni at their mid-career peaks and ranks the top 25 highest earning schools.

Fortunately for Hoyas, Georgetown is number 10! $248,000 is the top Hoya income, the mid-career median salary is $110,000, and $55,000 is the starting salary. Not bad for a group of people who spent their college years scrounging for free pizza and T-shirts.

2 Comments on “Georgetown degree pays for itself…in 20 years

  1. How right you are Bill. As you might have guessed from my flawed numerical abilities, I am not in the business school.

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