Arsenic and old bass: DC’s Fort Reno concerts

The Fort Reno concert series ended its yearly last night, but that doesn’t mean the Fort Reno fun is over. The Voice’s Dan Cook explains all about the summer concert series, including how the possibly lethal levels of arsenic could kill your favorite bands:

Last summer was, in fact, almost the end of Fort Reno for quite some time. The National Park Service closed the park indefinitely on May 14 following the discovery of arsenic levels nearly 25 times the EPA limit in a geological survey. Two weeks later, the park re-opened. Officials noted that the original test turned out to be “a false positive” after the U.S. Geological Survey and the EPA retested the soil samples. MacKaye was relieved, and even grateful.

So the arsenic might not really be that bad. Still, imagine the cachet that comes from saying you saw a concert in almost a toxic waste dump.

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