Date Lab Rat: They couldn’t help but wonder

Sex and the City is dead. By the end of its sixth season four years ago, it was already a parody of its former self, and the movie’s desperate attempt at resuscitation was the final nail in the coffin. So I’m not sure why a ridiculously large percentage of DL’s women applicants continue to namedrop the HBO series as the TV show that most closely approximates their dating lives.

Even if the reference wasn’t so dated, comparing yourself to any one of the characters isn’t particularly flattering, so I had low hopes for this week’s female dater, who described herself as “all four women.” Wait, so you’re an uptight shopaholic workaholic tramp? Hot.

She must be more pleasant in person than the SJP and her harpy friends are, though, because the date is a winner (it could be because he’s got a little Sex vibe, too, at one point saying, “I don’t normally eat dessert, but cheesecake is my version of crack cocaine.”) They bond over growing up on farms and backing Barack Obama, and he sneakily gets “confused” and walks her to the wrong Metro stop. Seems a little amateurish for a 47-year-old, but who am I to judge — according to the Post‘s follow-up, they went out several more times and are still together.

Rating: 4. I’m happy for them that it was a success, but all the talking about dieting and working out was seriously boring. And once again, the headline was a spoiler. Stop doing that!

Chances of Success: 4. rah62 on the WaPo comment board said it better than I can: “Yikes – such an obsession about fitness and body image. The moment one of them gains 15 pounds, the other is gonna be outta there.” But barring that, the outlook is pretty good.

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