Date Lab Rat: Let it burn

It’s Date Lab Rat, but this week, it’s late. This just means fewer days till your next installment.

At first, this week’s Date Lab pairs a shared love of the outdoors, nerdy consulting jobs, similar backgrounds and mutual sushi appreciation. Success, right? When they ended up hanging out in his car for an hour and a half, I was almost sure of it.

According to the follow-up, though, they only got as far as texting the next weekend and failed to meet up while they were both out. He doesn’t seem entirely averse to seeing where things go (“I assume we’ll see each other at some point”) but she doubts he’ll make it happen and has no intention of making the first move (“I don’t really expect to hear from him.”)

Rating: 4. The date is cute, and for once these people actually seem like someone you could know in real life, which is nice.

Chances of Success: She’s afraid of getting burned (“I’ll put the ball in your court. I guess it’s a coping mechanism. I’m not ready to get my hopes up.”), and probably not without reason. But they both seemed into each other enough that texting/meeting up during a future weekend night out is almost a guarantee if neither of them is dating someone new. The verdict: 4 that they’ll meet up again, 2 that it’ll actually last.

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