Mystery break-in/assaults may have one culprit

If it seems like a lot of recent break-ins and possible sexual assaults near campus have had the same MO, you might be right. From the Post:

D.C. police said one man might be responsible for at least five incidents in which women in or near Georgetown were accosted or sexually assaulted in their homes since January, each by an early-morning intruder.

These assaults are in the news again because of a recent public safety alert about a man breaking into a Georgetown student’s apartment last Friday. The alert says he got in bed with the victim and put his arm around her. NBC4 goes further and says he fondled her.

That’s creepy enough, but DC’s Fox affiliate says a similar June break-in in Georgetown almost involved rape:

But police say in some cases, the man isn’t just cuddling. Back in June on the 2400 block of Tunlaw Street, police reports show a woman woke up to a man kissing her on the neck and trying to rape her. When she asked what he was doing, the suspect took off.

Scary stuff. The solution for now seems to be locking doors and windows.

Additional reporting from Eric Pilch

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