Will Rennie drops complaint about lacrosse players

I just got an email from Will Rennie, the Georgetown student who previously said he was called homophobic slurs by some Georgetown lacrosse players. Rennie planned to get the players thrown out, the team’s coach fired, and the team’s season cancelled. Now, though, he says everything’s cool (unless you’re a lacrosse player from Maryland or Rutgers):

Last night I was able to talk to the guys in the 3635 S St house and after talking for a long time I feel the entire issue is resolved.  I am convinced that Georgetown Lacrosse players were NOT involved (nor were the residents of the house) and therefore I have already emailed Office of Student Conduct requesting that judicial proceedings that I started come to an end.  The people who harassed me were probably lacrosse players at Maryland and Rutgers (and who sublet-ed this summer at 3635) and I have told this to DPS.

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