Date Lab Rat: Two-timing doesn’t double the fun

I’ve heard of people keeping their options open, and one of my best guy friends tells me it’s important to always have a “list,” but I thought the key to such a plan was being fairly discreet about it. Not so for one of this week’s Date Lab daters, who says she’s involved in a “monogamous” relationship but is “exploring having deep friendships with members of the opposite sex that may or may not evolve.” I wonder how her boyfriend feels about that.

Even setting aside her non-singlehood, these two seem like a peculiar pair: he mentioned yoga three times in his pre-date questionnaire, while she says her best date ever was “hiking in a state park, followed by a meal in a brew pub and some good lovin’ afterward.” Well, then.

Luckily, his yogic mindset comes in handy when she drops the bomb about being taken: “They teach you to keep a neutral mind in yoga.”

Predictably, she chooses not the leave the guy she’s seeing for the DL yogi, and things pretty much end there. According to the Post‘s follow-up, two week’s after the date she still hadn’t mentioned it to her boyfriend, and since he lives out of town he might never know about it. Except for, you know, the internet. I seriously hope there’s a follow-follow-up when he finds out.

Rating: 2. The girl is unlikable for leading him on, but the guy’s nothing special to read about either. Overall, pretty lame.

Chances of Success: 1. Even if she ends it with the other guy, it’s unlikely he’d trust her after being tricked in a national newspaper.

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