Luke Russert disgraces family name with Georgetown debate watch

The verdict may still be out on whether McCain or Obama won the presidential debate, but I think we can all agree on one thing: no one won in Luke Russert’s coverage of the debate watch in the Village C Alumni Lounge on Friday night.

Among his hard-hitting questions: “How do you get such a big crowd like this without giving out free beer?” and “Are you cool with the debate being on a Friday night, or would you rather be partying? Or is this kind of just a chill, good thing to do on a Friday?”  Get it?  Because college students drink a lot! Also notice how he used the word “chill” so the college students would understand what he was asking them.

To be fair, Russert does get bonus points for working an orgy joke into his reference—that’s never easy for a political reporter.  But enough of my complaining.  Check it out for yourself:

Sometimes, apparently, the acorn does fall far from the tree.

8 Comments on “Luke Russert disgraces family name with Georgetown debate watch

  1. That hair! It’s like Luke was hanging out in his Village C, then realized he had to go interview people in 10 minutes but hadn’t even showered today. He dunked in his head in the tub and thought no one was the wiser.

    That sort of thing might work for an 8:15, but hey, national TV.

  2. Luke Russert is a natural!! He is fun to watch..never boring and he is speaking to the kids on their level as he is very wise to do. He is the next super star in his field..congratulations are winning America’s respect as well as their hearts.

  3. Speaking as one of “the kids,” I think we can handle a slightly more elevated level of conversation.

  4. I don’t know about respect and love, but he definitely stole my conditioner. Needed it more, I guess, so I’m not mad.

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