You don’t have to pay floor funds

Meanwhile, at ResLife

While working on her column about how awful floor funds are, Voice features editor Kate Mays got this email from Patrick Killilee, the Associate Director of ResLife (emphasis mine):

Students are asked to contribute to residence hall and apartment programming efforts through floor funds. This is a voluntary program. These funds are used by RAs, Community Councils and Neighborhood Councils to sponsor events for resident students. Last year there were over 1,800 programs in the residence halls and apartments, with over 13,000 students attending these events.

Hopefully you’ve managed to avoid paying so far and can use this post to keep your money. Not that you should throw away a chance to legally bribe your RA without thinking about it.

4 Comments on “You don’t have to pay floor funds

  1. I love how ResLife never mentions that floor funds are “optional.” I was told by our Hall Director (Village B) that you could only register parties after your entire apartment had paid floor funds. Now, if these funds are optional to begin with, why should we have to pay them to register a party (especially after meeting all the other onerous requirements the university has established)? Though I should add that none of the residents in my apartment have paid floor funds this year and we have successfully registered every party through the I Know How To Party system. Typical university baloney.

  2. So here is the question – are they just not required in the sense that you are not required to pay to avoid judicial sanctions? I have a feeling that the Hall Directors will say something like, “well you aren’t by the rules required to pay, but we also aren’t required to allow you to register parties. So pay or you can’t have parties.”

    In Nevils last year, I think they checked every time you registered a party to see if you had paid.

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