146 sick students, Facilities refuses to help with vomit

Update: Housing changed its mind. Scroll down on this post for the information you need for cleaning.

There are now 146 food-poisoned students who went to Georgetown Hospital, according to today’s email from Todd Olson. Despite this high number, the University has apparently instituted a you-puke-it, you-clean-it policy for affected students.

Kathrin Verestoun’s roommate vomited on their carpet after eating at Leo’s, and Verestoun sent a request to Facilities asking them to clean the vomit under her roommate’s bed. She got this email back from Facilities (caps lock theirs):

We have assigned work ticket number SEE NOTES
to the following request:

It’s outrageous enough that the University is deducting from your meal plan for the privilege of dining in their laughable Leo’s replacement, Leavey’s Center Grill, which offers a only smattering of fried goodies and a dismal, withered salad bar. But making students cleanup the University’s mess, too? That ain’t right.

8 Comments on “146 sick students, Facilities refuses to help with vomit

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  2. It’s great that they’ve finally wised up, but it’s already been two days that I’ve had to live with vomit residue in my room. And god knows how long it’ll take for utilities to get around to cleaning it.

    Although one is left to wonder if the university would have bothered to help if it wasn’t the result of a highly contagious virus but rather begin food-poisoning-induced vomit.

  3. I mean benign. Sorry. The lack of sleep from taking care of my projectile-puking roommate all night long has taken its toll on me.

  4. Kathrin,
    Took the words out of my mouth. I really doubt they would have come around if it wasn’t contagious. After all, they only began to offer their help around the time they confirmed that it was.

  5. I think there are still some leftovers from my throw up in the first floor LXR bathroom four years ago.

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