Metro aims to improve cell phone coverage

Can you hear me now? Probably not if you are reading from one of Washington’s underground metro stations. Currently only Verizon and Sprint customers can make or receive calls, but according to the Post, hope may not be far away. The $1.5 billion metro funding bill includes provisions for expanding cell coverage in 20 of the district’s busiest stations, including Rosslyn, Dupont Circle, Foggy Bottom, and Gallery Place-Chinatown.

The House and Senate both passed the bill, H.R.2905, last week—John McCain voted against the bill, Barack Obama voted for it. As of Monday (10/6), the bill is waiting for the president’s signature, which DCist speculates he’ll give.

So, next year when your crosstown metro train sounds like the New York Stock Exchange you’ll know who to blame.

h/t DCist. Photo from Flickr user H4NUM4N used under a Creative Commons license

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