Say it ain’t so, Wisey’s Bum

This guy is a sex offender. Is he also the Wisey’s Bum?

I’m taking Saxaspeak’s word (post now deleted) on this, but apparently there used to be a homeless man who begged in front of Wisey’s. He was called the Wisey’s Bum and everyone liked him (everyone except the Voice). He hasn’t been around lately, and Saxaspeak thinks it knows why: he might be a sex offender.

Having not seen the Wisey’s Bum, I don’t know if that’s him in the above picture. Also, since he’s already served his time, what would keep him from hanging out in front of Wisey’s?

Even if nearby Trinity school means he can’t come by, I don’t think this explains the Bum’s absence. According to the Voice article linked above there were actually several Wisey’s Bums, so one sex crime conviction wouldn’t knock out the whole team.

UPDATE: Saxaspeak backed out on this and deleted their post!

4 Comments on “Say it ain’t so, Wisey’s Bum

  1. if you don’t know that the person in the above photo is the “wisey’s bum” i would caution before assigning a random person’s face to the labels of “bum” and “sex offender.” especially when you’ve gone with such a stereotypical picture of a black man.

  2. Fair point, S. It could be clearer, which is why I’ve added a caption.

    The thing is that guy definitely is a sex offender, whether or not you think he looks like a stereotypical African-American man. The question is whether he’s the Wisey’s Bum. Frankly, I find the whole bum thing distasteful, but that’s what the cast of men outside Wisey’s were called.

  3. I’m an alum from a few years back and I can DEFINITELY confirm that this is the Wisey’s Bum. There were two Wisey’s Bums originally but one of them disappeared years ago. The other one stayed around and left around the time I did, must’ve been about two years ago now. This is definitely 100% the Wisey’s Bum, the one everyone called John. I’m sure lots of other alums will back this up.

    He can still be seen in Georgetown, though. Now he’s a bum on Wisconsin, I see him all the time. He was famous for his good memory and he still remembers me from the Wisey’s days. Don’t think I’ll ever look at him the same way again, though. Very creepy. He also allegedly had a car that some people saw him driving around in (it was always described the same way — a green jeep with black trimmings) but I never saw this myself.

    It’s shocking to me that so many people on campus don’t know about the Wisey’s Bum anymore! He used to be a regular in cartoons in the Hoya and was practically a pop culture reference around campus. Man, times have changed.

  4. It was not SaxaSpeak as a blog’s decision to remove the post, but mine personally. My source was virtually certain that is the guy as he has talked to him on many occasions. However, after the post went up, it did not sit well with me personally to publicize the fact that a poor homeless guy committed a crime 25 years without any information as to his current state. For all I know, the guy changed and has never committed another crime and is totally clean. So I took it down.

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