Date Lab Rat: They know how to quit each other

After dismissing my awesome Date Lab debut as little more than beginner’s luck, DL’s first-string is back to biting it in this week’s edition. Their first hint that these two weren’t quite a match should have been his Dwight Schrute-esque response to the three desert-island DVDs question (“None. Too busy building a shelter and way out”) in comparison with her totally normal, if fairly bland, selections (Office Space, When Harry Met Sally, Grease.)

The Post clearly took a Google Ads-style approach to this match-up, basing it entirely on the fact that he calls himself a cowboy in one of his questionnaire responses, and she says her type is “a real live cowboy. (In the post-date interview, she reveals that this assertion was “tongue-in-cheek.” Whoops.)

Nonetheless, the mismatched duo perseveres admirably to the end of the evening, though they both seem to treat it more like an anthropological experiment than a date (His take: “There weren’t any sparks, but that’s fine. It was fun talking to someone who is so different.”; Hers: “It was interesting because we are so different; he’s not someone I would have met in a thousand years.”) If the DLers were trying to set up some kind of elementary-school-style get-to-know-people-who-aren’t-like-you workshop, they rocked it, but otherwise? Better luck next time, kids.

Rating: 4. This date didn’t work at all on a romantic level, but it did crack me up, and everyone left happy enough.

Chances of Success: 0. I’ve never seen a more succinct follow-up than “The daters don’t plan to see each other again.”

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  1. Dude, Love your blog…but you are two weeks behind…please catch up as I really enjoy your takes.

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