Georgetown gets its own gossip girl

This year has seen an onslaught of new Georgetown blogs—starting with Saxa Speak, then the Hoya‘s newest venture, Outside the Gates, and the Independent’s The Daily Monthly, plus the return of The Progressive—but I’m willing to bet that I’ve found the most fabulous, zeitgeist-y one: George the Third.

It’s an anonymous blog based on the camera-phone-fueled, dishy-and-bitchy Gossip Girl model. Here’s the delightful mission statement (emphasis and paragraphing mine):

Welcome to the world of The Hilltop, aka Georgetown University, a college community like no other. Here you will find an eclectic student body from all walks of life. Some grew up diving bombs in war-torn states, while others grew up diving off their docks in Newport.

However, they all have one thing in common: Georgetown students want to rule the world. This is what separates them from the youth at other elite American universities. And why should anyone stand in their way? This is the essence of the Vanity Fair campus. And who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. I’m here to chronicle the movers and shakers inside the Ivory Tower. Welcome to the Catholic, Colonial, Cosmopolitan Camelot.

5 Comments on “Georgetown gets its own gossip girl

  1. Hell yes. I worry that HRH George’s high opinion of Georgetown will get in the way of giving us good stories, though.

    Seriously, the Vanity Fair campus? When Voice people go out to do fashion props they come back with nothing after a three hour stakeout because no one wears anything good.

    PS: How obvious is it that old George III lives in the side of Copley facing ICC? His pictures are taken looking down on people standing in front of ICC.

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