Enjoy your free Taco Bell Tuesday

When Rays shortstop Jason Barlett stole 2nd base in the 2008 World Series opener he didn’t know he would also be stealing a free taco for everyone in America courtesy of Taco Bell. In-between innings during Monday night’s game Taco Bell announced that they would be giving away a free Crunchy Seasoned Beef Taco upon request at every participating Taco Bell nationwide, no purchase necessary.

You only get one taco for free…per store.  Pick up your taco today from 2pm – 6pm at participating Taco Bells. Look for an update tomorrow to see if HoyaCourt’s Taco Bell is among those participating in this promotion. Given the Hoya Court Subway’s reluctance to participate in $5 Footlongs, it’s dicey.

Either way, God Bless America, baseball…and Jason Bartlett.

Photo from Flickr user kevinv033 used under a Creative Commons license

3 Comments on “Enjoy your free Taco Bell Tuesday

  1. Why doesn’t that Subway participate in $5 foot longs? Its not like they don’t make any money selling their more expensive sandwiches, as they are the only restaurant that practically gets customers in Hoya Court?

  2. I think you answered your own question, Jared. They’re the only thing in Hoya Court that is both open and not Taco Bell, and so they feel like they don’t have to do $5 footlongs. Also, there’s some weird franchising thing going on.

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