Dowdometer: Harvest Time

It’s time for another appearance of the Dowdometer, where we gauge how GUSA President Pat Dowd is living up to expectations. He’s a pumpkin today in honor of his fall giveaway. Despite being a happy pumpkin, Pat is still floating under the red expectations bar, just like last time!

First of all, the much-vaunted pumpkin party fell apart. While it was sweet seeing him cut a monster pumpkin in John Carroll’s lap, GUSA Grassroots members soon left their posts and a swarm of students made off with the pumpkins.

But before that, and worse in the long run, Pat is opposing the creation of a GUSA commission on student safety. He says the Student Safety Advisory Board is all the student representation we need on the safety issue. That strikes me as about the same as saying University Information Services has students in it, so we don’t need a GUSA working committee on wireless. An elected group of students are a necessary voice in student safety issues, and its creation shouldn’t be opposed just because there’s already an SSAB.

The one light in Pat’s jack-o-lantern? He’s promised to veto the Brian Kesten Bill that would let non-GUSA senators run senate commissions, a terrible idea. Maybe Pat will reach the top of Healy yet.

Image by Hunter Kaplan

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