Report on Georgetown norovirus: it was Grab n Go, maybe

DC’s Department of Health has released its report (PDF) on the norovirus, and they think it was Grab n Go, but they aren’t sure:

In other words, we can state with 95% certainty that those students who purchased food from the Grab and Go station on were 2.9 times more likely to become ill than those who did not purchase food from the Grab and Go station.

But if the Organic To Go people are telling the truth and they prepare all their food for several universities in the same kitchen, there should have been a larger norovirus outbreak, not just one at Georgetown.

Via The Hoya

9 Comments on “Report on Georgetown norovirus: it was Grab n Go, maybe

  1. Right. not to mention that Organic To Go isn’t the only food provider at the Grab n Go. I really liked their sandwiches – tasty AND healthy. bummer to see them go.

  2. It’s confusing, for sure. I guess the Department of Health is only saying something in Grab n Go, not necessarily the organic stuff, was at fault, but that would make it odd that the school dropped the Organic to Go contract.

  3. I can say with 100% certainty that I got noro without eating grab and go that day. Also many people in the hospital waiting room hadn’t eaten grab and go either because Germs/res life people kept asking us what we ate.

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