Date Lab Rat: I’m, uh, sick

Remember doing CHARMS the summer before freshman year, thinking you were getting along great with a potential roommate, imagining all the awesome times you were going to have together — and then your soulmate dropped off the face of the internet because he or she found someone else to live with? That sucked, but probably not as much as when the same thing happens with a potential new guy or girl that the Post set you up with.

Neither of the daters sounds particularly classy in their questionnaires: he lists porn as one of his desert island DVDs and worries that she’s “going to be ugly,” while she says she wouldn’t want to date someone “prettier than me.” And for someone who’s definitely trying to come off as ultra-manly, I thought it was pretty lame that he was too much of a wuss to go into the restaurant before his date arrived. You’re 45, divorced, with kids, and you’re making a woman wait for you? Please.

The date itself is a success: conversation, chemistry, kisses, etc. The two make plans to get together the next weekend, but…her flight is delayed and she misses their date, then says she’s sick the next time he calls. Both plausible excuses, but the failure to pin down a next-date plan makes it seem like this is going nowhere fast. My guess? She met someone else and wants to let him down easy till the Post hype dies down.

Rating: 3. Even though the date went well, these two were two trashy and unlikable for me to get into it.

Chances of Success: 2. I’ll give her a couple benefit-of-the-doubt points, but I won’t hold my breath on this one.

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