Date Lab Rat: Clothes break the man, and the woman

A close friend and fellow Voice editor berated me recently for wearing sweatpants to the library, alleging that it’s an insult to both Georgetown and the world when I leave my apartment without wearing real clothes. I disagreed–I don’t have that many nice clothes, and who dresses up to do reading, anyway? But in the dating game, it’s a whole different story, as this week’s Date Lab proves.

The daters–athletic California transplants who like to cook–seem pretty well matched, and their conversation ticks along smoothly. But appearance, as they say, is everything.

He’s turned off by her low-maintenance beauty routine (“Attractive, [but] probably not somebody I would usually talk to. I’d date someone a little more fit. “) while she can’t get past his flashiness (“I really couldn’t see past the hat, the shirt and the watch. Maybe he’s just into another style that I’m not aware of.”)

Neither dater seems to have any intention of changing his or her style (especially since at 34, they’re on the upper end of the DL age range), and since they both see that as a dealbreaker, it’s no surprise that they weren’t in touch until after the Post follow-up–and even then, just over the phone.

Rating: 2. This definitely falls into the squirmy, embarrassed-for-someone-else category.

Chances of Success: 0. Given that I’m pretty sure each of these two would be embarrassed to be seen in public with the other one, I don’t think it’s happening.

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