GUSA and the Meeting of Mayhem

SAC certainly set the bar high for angry late-night meeting antics on Monday, but GUSA proved that chaos and outrage aren’t exclusive to SAC at a three-ring circus of a meeting Wednesday night. In between talk about SafeRides and secret Santas, the discussion on SAC reform took on a life of its own and resulted in complete pandemonium.

After GUSA senators Matt Wagner (SFS `11), Tim Swenson (COL `10), and Tyler Stone (COL `09) spoke glowingly of SAC-GUSA relations and their hopes for more SAC transparency in the future, outspoken senator Nick Troiano (COL ‘11), last seen refusing to leave a closed SAC meeting, burst smashed their rose-colored glasses.

“I can’t believe the amount of spin you all have put on this,” Troiano said, referring to SAC’s amending of its constitution on Monday to make votes confidential and to allow the chair to select his or her own successor. “It seems like you’re posturing to be the next Secretary of State.”

After some more back and forth with thinly veiled insults flying in every direction, a metaphor comparing amending the SAC constitution to ending slavery in the U.S., and a muttered motion from Swenson to “end the Nick Troiano show,” all hell broke loose.

Minutes after Stone called for everyone in the meeting to take a deep breath and “take a step back from the heated rhetoric,” Stone himself slammed his hands onto the table, leaped to his feet, and started yelling in a display of outrage that put SAC chair Sophia Behnia’s (COL `09) outburst Monday to shame.

“Nick! Shut up!” Stone yelled, his voice overpowering the room (no small feat given the level of chaos). “Shut up! Will you stop it, please!”

Troiano immediately called for the Senate to censure Stone for his behavior, but GUSA speaker Reggie Greer did not respond. Greer’s frequent reminders to everyone in the room to “be nice” seemed to have little effect, and in an attempt to regain control over the frenzied senators, he refused to entertain any further motions to consider Troiano’s SAC resolution.

Ultimately, all the chest thumping prevented the senate from considering a relatively mild-mannered resolution primarily asking Todd Olson to allow for campus dialog before he approves SAC’s constitution changes. Now, with the senate on a two-week break, Troiano’s resolution’s chances aren’t looking good. Still, the excitement isn’t likely to end soon as Troiano promised to “keep pushing,” and on his blog, SAC Reform, he vows to try again in two weeks.

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