Date Lab Rat: Roses really smell like…

Sure, sometimes it sucks that college relationships are built primarily on text messages and trying not to look like you’re trying. But if real adult dating is anything like this week’s Date Lab, I think I’m fine sticking to the “joking/not joking?” GChat for a couple more years.

At 61 and 59, this week’s divorced daters are way out of the age range that I can even pretend to know anything about, but the questionnaires make it seem like they’ll get along well: they’re both adamant non-smokers who pride themselves on their ability to socialize upscale or downscale.

But then things get weird: he shows up to the date with three (three!) different colored roses, and after she chooses one, explains that a darker color symbolizes a stronger attraction. Bold move, and it works: there’s a goodbye kiss, they both rate the date a 4 or higher, and they’re been out twice since then (once to a grape stomping) Yeah, I’m happy for them, but the whole thing seems a little too straightforward for my taste.

Rating: 4. Despite the age-induced awkwardness, I can’t deny that it’s cute that things worked out so well.

Chances of Success: 4. Nothing bodes ill so far, but I’m not quite willing to give out a 5.

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