The Georgetown way of being gay?

A Georgetown senior named Corey has a post on DC blog The New Gay about the dynamics of being gay at Georgetown. In the post, he describes how he feels it is to be gay at Georgetown.

According to Corey, Georgetown gay life isn’t pretty (and hardly seems realistic), alternating between rabid conservatism and gay homewrecking. Here, he’s talking with his boss about someone who yelled at Planned Parenthood for being at the College Democrats internship fair:

I asked him a few questions about what the dude looked like, and upon hearing his answers, started laughing. “What you don’t know,” I told my boss, “is that I saw that same guy at a gay club last night at 2am, drinking and hitting on a forty-year-old married guy with a wife and kid.”

Now, I’m not saying that there is a right way and a wrong way to be gay. But there is a Georgetown way. Being a conservative, vehemently pro-life, preppy academic guy by day and a boozing gay by night is pretty Georgetown. Feeling like you’re ENTITLED to have equal rights for yourself, but not giving a shit about other oppressed groups (poor people?! minorities?!?) is also pretty Georgetown.

It seems insanely convenient that Corey would see this guy at a club, but there you go. I was pretty depressed by Corey’s post, even if he did lay the Georgetown-is-preppy stuff (Lacoste what?) on too heavy.

4 Comments on “The Georgetown way of being gay?

  1. So, wait. He saw the married guy at a gay club, but he’s okay with that? Was the married guy looking for some ass too?

    It sounds like he’s just upset that he doesn’t fit the Joe Hoya mold… but wasn’t that mold pretty obvious before he showed up on campus?

  2. I think Corey’s being too harsh on Gtown. I feel those sentiments occasionally, and the fact that so many guys at Georgetown are closeted does bother me. But I genuinely like this place. I’m a working class kid who doesnt own a single polo shirt, but I feel at home here and I have good friends who run the gamut from super rich/preppy New Jersey types to rural and poor southerners. There is a community here for everyone, gay or straight. You just have to seek it out.

  3. I hear the student who got Planned Parenthood kicked out of the Dem’s fair was David Greggory, a member of the Knight of Columbus and Gtown right to life. not the gay clubbing kind of guy, but you never know

  4. More like a Stewards clubbing kind of guy, insider.

    Gaya Saxa, I think you make a good point that someone complaining about closed, conservative gay people should be equally concerned about closeted, unfaithful gay people. Just because he doesn’t wear flip-flops in December doesn’t mean he’s a nice guy!

    Emmett, glad to hear that you’re able to make Georgetown feel like home.

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