Flex your constitutional muscle with tonight’s drink specials

It’s the 75th anniversary of Utah’s ratification of the 18th amendment, which means that 75 years ago today, Prohibition was repealed and drinking once again became legal in the United States after 13 years of nationwide mandatory teetotaling. Here are a couple of affordable ways to get your drink on tonight–it’s the last days of classes, and hey, patriotism demands it.

UPDATE: A more historically inclined commenter than I am has pointed out that the 21st amendment repealed Prohibition. The 18th amendment initiated it.

Bacardi Select Tasting, Dixie Liquors, 5 p.m.-8 p.m. — M Street’s finest liquor store is classing it up with free Bacardi shots this afternoon. Sure, the rum isn’t actually American, but free drinks certainly are, so go for it.

Mistletoe Madness, Epicurean, 10:30 p.m.-1:00 a.m. — Party For a Cause is hosting a fundraiser for Miriam’s Kitchen, a local charity that provides meals and social services to the District’s homeless residents. I’m still dubious about the ethics of getting wasted for charity, but with a $20 open bar, this is a tough offer to pass up.

Repeal Day Party, RFD, all night — It’s a little farther off campus, but almost certainly worth the trip. RFD (810 7th Street) will have Iron City cans for $2.50 all night long, plus tons of other beers on tap. And since it’s conveniently located right near the Verizon Center, if you stay out late enough you can roll straight to the basketball game tomorrow morning.

One Comment on “Flex your constitutional muscle with tonight’s drink specials

  1. Ratification of the 21st amendment, not 18th.

    I am not usually one to say this, but… you go to Georgetown, c’mon.

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