Georgetown drubs Brookings in Manliest competition

“Bros before hos”

In October, I used a method developed by City Paper’s Amanda Hess to see which Georgetown publication is manliest. Yesterday, Hess ran the numbers on the University administration and it’s almost a sweep for patriarchy:

Though the mascot of D.C.’s most prestigious university, the Hoya (or “What”), reeks of namby-pamby intellectualism, its unofficial representative, the Bulldog (or “Mean, Scrappy Animal”) restores the institution’s manliness.

President John J. DeGioia (Male, 10 points)
Provost James J. O’Donnell (Male, 9 points)
Interim Dean, G’town College Chester L. Gillis (Male, 8 points)
Dean, Grad. School Timothy A. Barbari (Male, 7 points)
Dean, Walsh School Robert L. Gallucci (Male, 6 points)
Dean, McDonough School George G. Daly (Male, 5 points)
Dean, School of Contin. Studies Robert L. Manuel (Male, 4 points)
Dean of Students Todd A. Olson (Male, 3 points)
Director of Athletics Bernard M. Muir (Male, 2 points)
Office of Int’l Prog. Dir. Katherine Bellows (Female, ZERO)

That’s nearly a perfect score, and too glass-ceilinged for the Brookings Institution to compete with.

Photo from Flickr user World Economic Forum used under a Creative Commons license

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