Free mp3s on the Voice website

This week the Voice ran a feature on its top 10 movies and albums of 2008, and today we added links to download mp3s and stream songs by the musical artists we recommended.

So whether you’ve read the feature and were jonesin’ for some new jams (salivating philistine that you are), or, uh, never read it at all, now’s the perfect time to head on over to the Voice website.

Editor’s note: due to the author’s schedule, Date Lab Rat will run tomorrow.

2 Comments on “Free mp3s on the Voice website

  1. bad list, pal, I read a lot of your stuff and this is actually the first thing i’ve ever really really disagreed together with. Many of the songs you have missed are cross generational and iconic. your own #10 and #7 shouldnt seem on here span.

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